First Day of School

It seems lately my life has revolved around preparing for Connor's first day of Kindergarten. I downloaded the supply list, bought some cool clothes and a new pair of sneakers for him, checked the bus schedule online, went to "Meet the Teacher" night, charged the camera up and checked to make sure the card was loaded in it..... covered all the bases so my little guy would be set for the most important first day.
Things went off without a hitch really. The only scare was that of almost missing the bus on the first day. We were literally running down to the corner, Connor yelling "Don't leave me, don't leave me!". Evidentally, the bus driver thought it was fine to be at the stop a full 8 minutes before the scheduled time. But I guess the rush saved us from any last minute anxiety or even tears.... we only had time for a quick kiss and he was up the steps. The door closed, he excitedly waved from the second seat and the bus was off. We all just stood there waving and then Jacob started crying, saying he missed Connor and that he wanted to go on the bus. So in the rush, I had no time for pictures. I got this one of his backside as he was climbing the stairs, but that's it until I took a few when he got home a few hours later.
He was happy to pose for the pictures and enjoyed having his lunch ready for him at the table when he got home. After the tasty lunch, he told me he was ready to go back to school. He was a little dissapointed to find out that he had to wait until the next day to go back!

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