Hello, my name is Amber and I'm an addict.....

I'm addicted to stamps, paper and embellishments. I need to buy this stuff.... I love to buy this stuff. I collect it, store it, I've moved it across the country.... yet sometimes, I never use it. What is this disease I have? Am I alone in this crazy addiction?
I spent the entire day re-organizing my craft closet. Since the move, I've had to reduce down to a mere closet and a two-drawer filing cabinet in the 3rd bedroom, so it's close quarters. I visited all my stamp sets, new and retired. I organized all of my patterned paper, separating it by color family. I adjusted the layout of the cubes in the closet so that things would be more accessible to me. What a task!

During my organization, I saw so much stuff that I had forgotten I had. I must say, I really do have good taste when I comes to paper.... I've collected some beautiful paper. And don't get me started on stamps!

I ran across a stamp set that I remember seeing for the first time when the 2006 catalog came out. It was immediately my favorite.... on the top of my wish list.... I couldn't live without this stamp set! I realized that the stamp set I HAD to have had in fact never been used in the two years I've owned it. Ugh! So, yesterday afternoon I sat down and played with this set. I'm pleased with the final product - I paired it with a snippet of patterned paper I had forgotten about also.
So, I will continue to work with the wonderful things I have. I will enjoy the great stamp sets I own and tap into the stacks and stack of paper I own. One day at a time, right?! But I will add that there is always a little room for more new stuff, afterall a new SU! catalog comes out twice a year. (My fellow stampers know that, but I added it just in case my hubby happens to read this!)

"Voila' " stamp set
Ruby Red and Naturals Ivory cardstock
Basic Brown, Taken with Teal, Ruby Red, Pumpin Pie, Basic Gray & Summer Sun inks
Aqua Painter
Brown grosgain ribbon
My Mind's Eye "Tres Bien" Summer Polka Dot paper


Mary Dawn said...

HI AMBER! (hehe)

my addiction is new, but i've collected a stack of paper that is about 24 inches tall, when i realized that in the 3 months i've been pursuing this hobby i've collected enough paper to cover the walls of my room plus some, i decided to cut back...after i buy my nestabilities circle Bahahahaha...yeah right

MichelleO said...

hmmmm is there a chance we were twins seperated at birth?? cuz we are the same!!! HA!

I do love the card... that is one cute little guy there!

Kisa Peters said...

Excellent coloring! I love that guy too!

Rachel said...

Adorable, I love the colors!!!

Elizabeth said...

I think there are a lot of us that have the NEED (yes in caps) to collect and organize our paper crafting stuff. Heck.. I look at it this way - I don't smoke, am not a big drinker - so I have to have some kind of addiction. ;)

I love the Voila card. It is a stamp set that has been on my wish list for a while. It keeps getting bounced to the bottom of the list.

Lori Barnett said...

Hello Amber. I too am an addict. I am also a hoarder. I hold on to things waiting for that perfect time to use it. ha ha ha If these stamp designers would stop dangeling all the new candy in front or eyes....we might stand a chance of being cured! ha NEVER!! We are Stamp Specialist, Paper Professionals, Ink Inventors, AND we MUST stay organized and regularly add to our inventory to properly run our business! hee hee hee Never out with the old -- but always in with the new :)