12 Days of Christmas ~ On the Ninth Day...

This year we are sharing some of the goodies from our summer trip to Montana. While in "Big Sky" country, I picked lots and lots of raspberries. I made lots and lots of raspberry jam. My father-in-law has an amazing garden and the raspberries were just one of my favorites. Not only does he have a great garden, he also keeps bees. Along with our jam, we came home with lots and lots of raw honey. It's so delicious and we thought we'd share it with a few friends this Christmas season.

I put together simple gift bags for what I am calling "Christmas Morning Biscuits." They can simply mix the dry biscuit ingredients with milk and bake up biscuits. Then, they can top their warm biscuits with jam and honey... yum!

I kept the packaging super easy here. I just added the jars to a kraft bag, stuffed in a little tissue and tied on a stamped tag. Hopefully it will be a big hit with our family friends!

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