My Birthday Boy!

Today my big boy turns 9 years old.  It's hard to believe..... it seems like just yesterday he was my little chunky-monkey that I strolled around the mall, day in and day out, because most of the time it was just he and I. (Ray was stationed on the ship and unfortunately, gone a lot.)  Now he's almost as tall as I am, his feet are the same size as mine and he's read more Harry Potter books and knows more about the solar system than I ever will.  It's amazing how time flies and before you know it, your babies aren't babies anymore.
We are enjoying the day as a family, still adjusting to this big move of ours.  Sometimes I question this move.... I know logically it was a great choice, but I struggle some days with all the changes.  Then I look at my big boy.  One look at him and I am reassured that this is exactly where we need to be.  He has adapted better than I could have hoped.  He's grown close to his GrandPop; quickly learning his sense of humor and is great at dishing it out to him.  He loves to try many new things around the property.... he jumps at the chance to get in the bee suit and get up close to the honey boxes.  Most days he is down in the basement with the guys, lending a hand with clean-up or practicing his tool skills.  He can't wait to start school and meet all the new kids!
So, I'm doing my best to make this a great birthday for him.... serving up his favorite meatloaf for dinner and following it with vanilla cake filled with strawberry whipped cream frosting.  And after he's showered with Nerf guns, Legos and other things a 9 year old boy loves, I hope what he most remembers about his day is how much he's loved, appreciated and enjoyed by his mommy... OK, make that mom because he gets grossed out when I refer to myself as mommy!

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