A Digital Crafty Creation

I mentioned the other day on my dashboard post that homework has been a little overwhelming. While that's true, I have to be honest.... I am loving every minute of it. Maybe I'm a freak, but I love the challenge of the homework in my graphics design classes. It's challenging and stressful, but because it's so relevant and not just junk I have to remember long enough to pass the final, it's fun too.
I will show my works as they progressively get better, but I wanted to pass on a fun little project I worked on for my Photoshop class. Our assignment was to create a desktop wallpaper and have it available for different size monitors and even the iphone. While I haven't received my grade yet, I feel good about the way my wallpaper turned out. What does all this mean to you? I am going to share it with you and if you like it, feel free to save it to your computer and enjoy it.

I put the month of November on there so a calendar would always be handy on your computer.  It's only for November, it won't change months, but maybe I'll have another to share by December.

If you'd like to save the wallpaper and use it, visit my google site and click on the size you want.  When it opens in a second window, just right click on it and save it as your background or desktop.  Easy peasy....

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