And so the snow begins....

My Saint of a husband decided it would be a good idea to head out Sunday and find some snow to practice driving in.  Sure enough, we didn't have to travel far and we found ourselves in at least 4 inches of fresh snow, with more falling.  Being a first time snow driver, I was terrified, but soon enough came to appreciate my front wheel drive and brand new studded snow tires.  I was stressed though, but Ray kept his cool and was so patient with me.... hence his title of Saint. 
When I felt a little comfortable and was able to relax a bit, we pulled off to the side and let the boys play around a bit too.

The look on Connor's face sure makes me think he was planning on doing something unwise with that snowball.... luckily he changed his mind!

Thanks to hubby's good thinking because this is what we woke up to this morning.  I had one practice under my belt and headed out for the long drive to classes.

Even my favorite regular wildlife visitor came to see me off and wish me luck!
I'm happy to say I made it to classes and back with no problem, and no dents or insurance claims.  I am becoming a real Montana woman!

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