Watercolor Encouragement

It's the start of a new week!  At the close of last week I received some great news... .two more of my submissions have been accepted for publication in PaperCrafts Magazine.  So excited about that and I can't wait to hold the edition in my hands!
But still, it's Monday today and not everyone is excited about about returning to the weekly routine.  My kids always seem to be dragging on Monday morning and it takes a little more encouragement to get them moving. For them, some silliness definitely helps, and of course the smell of bacon never hurts!
For encouraging others, sometimes a little card to let them know you're thinking of them is just the ticket!  I created this one to have in my stash if ever someone I know needs that little boost.
I used Savoy 100% Cotton cardstock for this card. I absolutely love water coloring on it and I really like the natural texture to it.  I first heat embossed my image so that it would resist the water color.  I washed on the color using a water color brush, water and reinker bottles.
Enjoy, and I hope your week is starting off with a bang!


Deb said...

very nice card. Congrats on being accepted for publication.

Amber said...

Thanks Deb!