Turkey, Turkey.... Gobble, Gobble

Oh, the joys of having a Kindergartener..... all the fun new songs, the fantastic art work brought home by the truckloads and of course the holiday celebrations! Last night we celebrated with the little guy by joining all of his classmates for a Thanksgiving feast followed by an amazing performance of Thanksgiving songs sung to classic childrens tunes. It was very cute and of course my guy was the star of the show! I wanted to contribute something for decoration, but to also give the kids something fun to take home, so I made place settings for each of them. These were made from a really old Stampin' Up! set called "Turkey Talk" and the names were printed on the computer. My advice when you are mass producing things is to take the shortcuts you can, such as printing the sentiment or names on the computer and incorporating that into your project.
Are you getting ready for your Thanksgiving feast? My parents are arriving today and staying for the week. Our boys are out of school all week next week, so for a few days they will be spending some great time with Grandma and Papa. We will all travel to my brother's house on Thanksgiving for a great family gathering.... I'm really looking forward to it! I will sneek in another post before then, so in the meantime, enjoy your weekend!

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Dotty Jo said...

Hi Amber, these are sooo cute!
love all the excitemnt of the build up to 'Thanksgiving' - this is totally new to me as we don't have anything quite like this over here in the UK. Have fun and hope its a happy one for you and your family, Jo x