Not Too Sick to Craft!

I'm scrambling to get these photos posted..... I played with the color some, but decided I'd get them posted. If they look yellow to you, well maybe you have a case of the flu settling in. It is that time of the year, right? We are down hard at the Crafty Corner..... first the little guy, then me and now the big boy is going down quick. I've been home for the week, running around with the thermometer and children's Motrin, trying to keep everyone calm and comfortable. We broke down and went to the doctor, luckily testing negatively for the flu. So, while we don't test positively for the regular flu nor the piggy flu, we have all the symptoms.... who knows, maybe we've got cases of the Ostrich Flu or perhaps the rare strain of Roly-Poly Flu. That's probably it... both of those boys were playing with Roly Poly bugs in the driveway last week. I told them to put them down!

So once I was reassured we would all be fine, although perhaps a little miserable for the next few days, I did what any good mommy would do. I dosed them up with Motrin, plugged in a movie and made a mad dash for the craft room. I had to stop at the top of the stairs because I can't take 5 steps without being winded and exhausted, but I was not going to let that stop me from having some time in the Crafty Corner! Enjoy these projects I made and then go sanitize your hands, would ya.....

I made a little Top Note box full of Christmas gift tags along with a little notebook. The box came from a great tutorial over at Splitcoast; check it out. The tags I just created using a little stash of old Stampin' Up! paper and some Making Memories paper I picked up last week. The notebook is covered with a little Kraft cardstock and embellished like the tags. The tags are so much cuter in real life.... the lighting was really bad tonight. I made two sets of these for little gifts I plan to hand out at Thanksgiving, but I did make myself some extra tags while I was at it.

I will be posting again next week, if not sooner. I can just feel it....we are on the mend around here and I'm getting in the crafty spirit!

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Dotty Jo said...

Hi Amber, it's good to have you back in town! Sorry to hear that you and yours have all been poorly. I am just recovering from something that also looked and felt very much like 'flu - so you have my full sympathy. Great projects, thanks for sharing, and I hope that you are all in good health again very soon, Jo x