My New Sketch Book

Shouldn't be a surprise that I've found inspiration from Kristina again..... a while back she showed us her sketch book that she uses to jot down card layout ideas. I think it's a great idea because I sometimes come up with great ideas for cards and imagine all the little details, but when I actually get to the crafty corner, the ideas are long gone with last week's grocery list. So, I'm thinking if I start sketching these brilliant ideas down, I may actually be able to turn them into cards. Hmm.... what a concept. I put together my book and then filled it with this cool template for inside pages that Kristina has available. So take a quick look, leave a comment if you'd like and then go rush to make yours before you forget all those brilliant ideas floating around in your head.....or you could always turn it into your shopping notebook so you stop forgetting the milk and eggs when you go to the store.....Enjoy!


Donna Touchette said...

Great Idea and as always very cute!

Cheryl said...

Cute! I love this.