In the Spooky Spirit of things

I've always loved Halloween. I mean really, dressing up as something other than yourself and collecting a big bag of candy... what's not to love about it? In the early days I loved making costumes for my boys, and I tried to match them up as much as possible.

In the early days, when I was able to get away with it, I had the final say in Halloween costumes. I was able to fun with it, making pairs like Cowboy & Indian, or the spider and Spiderman.

But then they got older and it wasn't cool to let Mom dress you up as something cute. It then progressed into the zombie and vampire, and custom Minecraft heads.

I'm not sure which direction we're going this year, but I'm making cute cards in my crafty studio. So even if I have to make scary costumes for the boys, I can at least play with my card stock and dress up my dog, right?

Here's my first Halloween card of the season. The image was part of an online class I took for learning how to color with Copic markers. I shared my flower card with you; here's the robot vampire image I colored and then turned into a card.

Thanks for stopping by.... I'm working on more Halloween projects to share and my mind is turning to Thanksgiving and Christmas! I'd love to hear from you so feel free to leave a comment.

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